Max Roach and Fab 5 Freddie
(too old to reply)
2003-09-29 06:05:07 UTC
So I'm working the overnight shift and we've got a TV in here. I was
channel surfing a few minutes ago and landed on the Ovation arts
channel. They were showing a bio/documentary type thing on Max Roach.
I caught some cool footage of M'Boom and Max's working group from the
early '90s, but what really blew my mind was a little bit of footage
from 1983 of Max performing with Fab 5 Freddie of Yo MTV Raps fame,
and also a DJ and some break dancers. Max said they rehearsed once a
week for a month, and then did this performance, which according the
closing credits was called "Live at the Kitchen." How cool to hear
Max trading licks and beats with that DJ! I have read quotes from Max
in which he digs on rap, but I had no idea that he performed in the
style, brief as it may have been.

Has anyone else seen this? Is the complete performance out there?

Kevin Frey
2003-09-29 15:46:57 UTC
Hey Sac. I have seen just a little bit of this performance that you
mention. Probably the same footage as you have seen. I seriously doubt
that it is commercially available anywhere, on video or audio. But i is
very cool. Max had always been a very hip and progressive musician. He
picked up on rap early on, but I honestly don't know how long his
association with hip-hop/rap lasted. I don't think he kept up with it
past the 1980's. (I could be wrong). The Institute of Jazz Studies at
Rutgers University, Newark, New Jersey, has is most comprehensive jazz
archive in the world, and they may have information, or even have the
footage, of Max with Fab5 Freddy. I know they have some more recent
stuff too. Here's the link to the IJS:
Anyone who is seriously interested in jazz and its history would enjoy
this place. Technically it is a public archive, but the staff is very
fussy about people they don't know going in there. It is always best to
call ahead first.
-Kevin Frey

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