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2019-06-28 00:18:27 UTC
Dowell Calvert

Going to Frank's drum shop on Wabash was like a pilgramage to Mecca .
Lived in Rockford. 1964. I'll never forget 1st time walking through the door and drums drums drums everywhere.

Purchased snare,2 Tom toms, zilgian cymbals hi hat. 16" ride, 14" crash ride,stool,
And equipment case that I put rollers on.
Overhead El was so loud you had to stop talking until it passed.

Started playing snare drum in school 1949.
Played 1st gig(paying) in1959
After Navy stent.
Jazz drummer until 1977.

Now 80 and deciding whether I should sell trap set.
Last played jazz in 2016.
Guess it's just time.
Moving and have no room for set.

Listening to miles as I share.

Jazz was a great ride.

Dowell Calvert
2019-11-10 16:08:03 UTC
Okay old timers, since Aaron asked about drum shops in Chicago, how many
remember THE drum shop, Franks? I remember my Mom taking me there for the
first time around 1968. Drums stacked to the ceiling and exotic instruments
that I had never seen. I guess I still measure all others by those
Bill Vits
GR Symphony
I took lessons there from Bobby Christian back in the early 70s. That was a fabulous place! Nothing like it out there anymore. Was sad when it closed.
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