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Rob Schuh
2009-04-12 06:23:54 UTC
Mr. Donn Dennison,
I know who you are. You and I never had a problem in RMMP. I have not heard
a word about you in years, but now, all you do is make libelous comments
about me etc. May I ask what I did to you? All I recall was the 2 of us
busting DDSD's chops. I NEVER knew a thing about your nor ever said a
negative thing about me, so this obsession of yours is one sided. I just
want you to be honest for once and tell me what I did to you.


Robert Schuh
"Everything that elevates an individual above the herd and
intimidates the neighbour is henceforth called evil; and
the fair, modest, submissive and conforming mentality,
the mediocrity of desires attains moral designations and honors"
- Nietzsche

2009-04-12 14:27:36 UTC
Jesus, you really are a piece of work. Almost one month passes since I
invited you to counter my replies to your “libelous comments” and all
of sudden you show up with this self-serving crap?

I suggest you look up the word obsession and then spend a few minutes
reviewing your contributions here at RMMP and probably elsewhere.
Since my last post back in mid-March, the sum total of my thoughts and
action in your regards have been zero, zilch, nada. Hardly an
obsession, my friend.

But since you insist on dragging this dead dog around one more time,
I’ll provide you with yet another detailed review of the events that
led us here. I am hoping that you are more lucid and logical and will
digest this information before going off on one of your rants.

Part One:
A member of Drumsmith posted a message saying that he had ordered a
custom drum quite some time ago. His primary concern was the fact
that the builder/seller had, on two different occasions, told the
buyer that the drum was shipped and that a tracking number would be
forthcoming. The tone of this message wasn’t panic or accusatory but
the buyer was starting to wonder what the next step should be and
asked for advice.

Now this is the important part: At no point in time did the seller
indicate who the builder was. All the comments from the various
Drumsmith members, including mine, were in reaction to the
circumstances provided by the buyer. Since he was polite enough not
to mention Hard Bop or Rob Schuh, no one had any idea who the builder
was and, as you know yourself, there are literally hundreds of them
out there.

As you read for yourself on the thread, several members chimed in and
offered advice, that’s what drum forums are for, right? In the past
couple of years we’ve seen similar situations occur and, in a few of
them, it turned out that the drum builder was less than honest with
the buyer and was basically stringing them along. I think one person
is still waiting for his refund to trickle in.

The information that the builder provided indicating twice that the
drum was shipped when it obviously wasn’t threw up a red flag and I
said as much. I did not know or care who the builder was, the fact
that he or she is deceiving the buyer with inaccurate shipping
information sure seemed like a bad sign to me. Maybe the builder was
trying to buy time or maybe the drum in question did not exist and
would never be shipped. There was no way to know for sure but I sure
didn’t think there was any excuse for lying to the customer. I still

Part Two:
Obviously you finally got wind of the situation at Drumsmith, I
suspect Ronn contacted you to find out what was going on. Well, you
roared into Drumsmith in a typical Rob Schuh rant full of righteous
indignation. How dare we cast aspersions on your good name and
reputation! Of course, if you would have taken ten seconds to think
before ranting, you would have realized that NO ONE KNEW IT WAS YOU.

But rant you did and since I was the one that suggested that anyone
who falsely claimed to ship a drum (twice) could be a thieving
asshole, you picked me as your favorite target. I got the usual Rob
Shuch e-mails. . .the ones you are so famous for. . . and I answered

Here’s the funny part Rob. If the buyer would have said you were the
builder, my reaction would have been different. I would have
suggested giving you the benefit of the doubt since I know of no other
instances where you have been less than honest with your customers.
But you never allowed that to happen, you went on the defensive and
started your odd campaign to muddy the waters and managed to insult
several people at Drumsmith with a litany of goofy posts. (Do you
really interview each and every Hard Bop customer to make sure they
are worthy of playing your drums? That’s gotta be difficult to manage
on eBay.)

Part Three:
Then you did something really stupid. You started going to other
forums and here on RMMP trying to find how who DED was (anyone on
Drumsmith could have told you, I’m far from anonymous). Then you
upped the ante by claiming that I was on a campaign to tarnish your

Here’s your first RMMP post of March 17 with the topic of “Looking for
a guy who posts at Drumsmith”:
“There is some clown who posts under the fake name DED who has been
making up
bold faced lies about me. I want to find out who he is and take legal
action. Please e mail me at ***@yahoo.com.”

If you look at that thread please note I did not bother answering.

But that wasn’t enough for you, you continued your temper tantrum on
Drum Forum who promptly tossed your ass. Then again on RMMP (who’s
obsessed, Rob?) under the blissfully ironic topic of “Looking for a
lying sack of shit” you post the following:

“There is an anonymous pussy who posts at Drumsmith under the name of
DED. HE has been posting bold faced lies about me, so I would like to
find out his real name so I can take legal action. He is very much
like Dennis. He is fat, has no gigs and posts 100% lies.”

Well Rob, this was all too much. You were trying to use me to divert
attention away from your inaccuracies by positioning yourself as a
victim of character assassination. Not only were you now calling me a
liar but you were eager to do so in a public forum. That might have
worked except for two things: One is that your reputation as a foul-
mouth, insulting egomaniac has earned you little sympathy and second,
I had the e-mails.

By this time I had been in touch with your customer, a very nice
person from Germany, and asked for the e-mail correspondence that
would corroborate his story which had turned into my story thanks to
your actions. And I received all the correspondence between you and
this customer, over forty messages.

Part Four:
After warning you in a private e-mail, I decided to give you what you
seemed desperate to have and answer your allegations towards me. I
posted the e-mails asking you to please explain why you claimed to
have shipped the drum and promised tracking numbers when you did no
such thing.

Of course you continued your charade and accuse me of fabricating the
e-mails so I simply kept the thread on the subject and repeated my
request for clarification on your shipping claims. That was on March
18th and, until today, you were silent. I figured you finally saw the
absurdity of your actions and decided to let it pass. And that was
fine with me.

Now, almost a month later, you crawl out of the woodwork asking me to
explain this mess again? Somehow in your fertile imagination you
think I’ve developed this obsession and have been busy making libelous
comments about you. I couldn’t care less about you Rob but I will not
be your scapegoat.

You have provided the fuel for this vehicle from day one and it
started the minute you accused me of fabricating stories about you.
Let me make this very clear. . . each and every post of mine has been
a direct reply to your messages. I have never instigated a single
thread about you or this situation and, until this morning, I was
quite content to let the whole thing fade away.

I’m not sure what you’re after Rob. There was no logical reason for
you to handle this by accusing me of lying about you when you know the
facts and you know I have the e-mails to prove my point. There is
even less logic with you reviving this crap a month later and for the
life of me I can’t figure out why you wouldn’t do this via e-mail and
save yourself any further public embarrassment.

What kind of outcome are you looking for Rob? I don’t have the time
or desire to try and figure out what the hell you are after. Frankly,
I don’t care about the god-damn drum either since your customer
finally received it and appears to be very happy with it.

My position on this is now well-established with this long-winded
message. Thanks to the archival nature of newsgroups this will be
available for anyone to read for years to come. I hope the time I
took to draft this makes the chain of events very clear but there is
one thing I want to make very, very clear:

If you continue to accuse me of spreading lies about you, I will take
it as an opportunity to challenge you to explain the obvious
deceptions in your dealings with your customer.

If you have anything more to say, I invite you to do so via e-mail.
Keep it civil and to the point and I’ll be happy to reply.
2009-04-12 15:27:42 UTC
Oh, and by the way, you can stop calling my father's house at 2:30 am
and leaving voice messages. We share the same name and you have the
wrong number.
Like I said, e-mail me and I'll be happy to have a reasonable
conversation with you.

And who is Frank Murphy?
Scott Miller
2020-10-14 03:45:42 UTC
Post by Diablo
Oh, and by the way, you can stop calling my father's house at 2:30 am
and leaving voice messages. We share the same name and you have the
wrong number.
Like I said, e-mail me and I'll be happy to have a reasonable
conversation with you.
And who is Frank Murphy?

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