Pearl SLX Session Elite Price?
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2015-09-25 14:47:14 UTC
hi all.
I wanna sell my drum set and have no idea how much its worth is.
can someone help me to estimate the worth?
Pearl SLX session elite , piano black (bought 1993)
22" BD with Remo Power Stroke
8x8, 10x10, 12x10, 14x12 Toms
with used Remo Weather King Pin Stripe Drumheads
RIMS for tom suspension
Pearl Rack DR-80 ( 250 US$)
with 8 clamps ( ~170 US$)
1 Cymbal Holder, Uni-Lock, long boom, counterweight (89 US$)
1 Cymbal Holder, Pro, Uni-Lock tilter (79 US$)
1 Cymbal Holder, Pro, gear tilter ( 49 US$)
1 quick-release mounting bracket for the splash (49 US$)
1 AX-25L Adapter, 2 hole, revolving, long (39.00 US$)
TH-98 Tom Holder, Uni-Lock (~ 240 US$)
other parts of the cymbal stands not needed for the rack,
hi-hat (H-885 or maybe 855) + snare stand, throne (dont have the
item-names), P-885 pedal
2nd Pedal with Dual Chain Drive with base plate, dunno the brand,
maybe sonor or ludwig
zildjian (bought 1994)
8" Splash
15" K Dark Thin Crash
18" K Dark
20" K Custom Ride
14" Dyno Beat hi-hat
yo, so far the facts ...
would be great if anybody can give me a tip for a fair price.
THX in advance
i give you 150$$$ for the tom 10
Phil Boutros
2015-09-25 16:36:37 UTC
Post by n***@gmail.com
i give you 150$$$ for the tom 10
It's been 13 1/2 years. You think he still has it?

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